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Tuesday, July 24th 2012

10:47 PM

Preteens lol


Related article: Date: Thu, 07 Dec 2000 14:26:01 -0500
From: Charlie
Subject: David's Christmas Chapter 4Dear readers,I sincerely hope that this chapter doesn't have one or more glaring errors.
It has not been edited as much preteens lol as I usually do, but I thought it important
to get it posted before I leave.Early tomorrow morning (Friday), I will be heading for a week in Florida. It's
time for the annual take-the-grandkids-to-Disney World! I will have my
laptop with me and will be able to receive email, but how much I answer will
depend on how much time I have to myself. If I don't respond right away,
please forgive preteen model extreme
me!Obviously I won't be doing much writing, but you can be sure I will be
scheming in my head, thinking of all sorts of cruel things to do to our heros.
As soon as I get back, I promise to get back in the groove, hopefully rested
and ready.If I don't think to say it preteen nude moddels later, Y'all have a wonderful Holiday season!The following story is total fiction. Any relationship to persons living or
dead is purely accidental.
This story depicts sexual acts between people of the same sex (male), some
of whom pedo preteen ru are under age. If you find this concept distasteful, or if it is
illegal where you live, or if you are underage, please stop reading now.
IV. Home AgainDavid chuckled at Adam's question. preteens lol "You really don't know, do you?" he
"'Course I don't," Adam replied, somewhat annoyed. "I wouldn't have asked
if I'd known."
"Adam, Rivercrest is the most exclusive private school in these parts! Kids
come from all over to go to Rivercrest! A high school diploma from
Rivercrest is almost like a Bachelor's degree from most universities!"
"But I already told you," Adam protested, "my grades totally suck! I'm not
even sure I'm gonna pass this year."
"You also told me nonnudepreteen child models you're not stupid," David countered. "I agree. You're not
even close to stupid. All you need is some motivation, possibly some one-on-
one help, some reason to make something of yourself. You've got all that
now, buddy. And you won't be the first failing student Rivercrest has turned
into an Ace!"
"But why?" Adam argued. "I don't know much about private schools, but I
know they aren't cheap. Why preteen with diildo would you spend all that money when the
public schools don't cost anything?"David glanced at Adam. He was sitting in the passenger's seat of the pickup,
wearing David's clothes right down to a pair of David's Bugle Boy boxers.
Everything was much too big, in fact so much so that Billy had given him
some of his clothes to wear until he could get some of this own. David
thought of those boxers. He was pretty proud of his trim body, but they'd had
to take a two inch tuck in the waist band and pin it so they wouldn't fall off
Adam. But in spite of his ill fitting clothes, David saw as he looked, the most
beautiful young male person he'd ever seen in his life! And they were lovers!
But the physical aspect, as incredibly wonderful as it was for both of them,
was nothing, really. This was the first time David could honestly say he
desired, from the very bottom of his soul, to give his all: his money, his
future, his very life, for this person; this teenaged Indian adonis with the ill-
fitting clothes, the long straight hair that he cared for immaculately, the
absolute conviction that he couldn't do anything right academically. He
WOULD do well, academically and every other way that counted! David
would see to it!"I've never felt anyone was important enough to me to help before," David
said in answer to Adam's question. "I struck it rich a few years ago, and I
guess like most people who come into a lot of money, I got into the mode of
turning that money into more. That was my life, Adam! PowerNet has been
my life for almost three years. It's my lover, my family, my reason for living,
my very existence! I love that company; I love what I preteen with diildo do, and I'm good at it!
But it isn't a living thing! It doesn't respond to me, doesn't make decisions on
its own, doesn't express opinions. I walk into the office and everyone is
"Yes, sir," and "How high would you like me to jump, sir?" I'm like a
fucking king, Adam! I know that probably sounds great to you, just as it did
to me at first. But... well, I would throw it all away right now, and I mean
ALL of it! The building, the business, the house, cars, everything, if I had to
to keep from losing you. And I don't mean Adam the horny teen I love to
sleep with! illegal pictures preteen
I mean Adam the young man! The young man who only needs a
bit of a jump start and he can fly on russian preteen panties his own!"Adam, I told you the truth when I told you that preteens from ukraine
I had never had sex with
anyone else in my life... well, almost never. There was one kinda attempt, but,
well, it didn't work. I don't care if I never have sex with anyone else either. It
could never be as good as what we've shared. But you need to know, right
now, before we go any further, that you and I are not about sex. You and I
are about love! I will love you, care for you, do everything in my power to see
to it that you are never alone, never cold, never hungry again! Never! And if
we never have sex again...""David," Adam said almost in a state of panic, "never again? You don't want
to? ...But David..."
"I didn't say I didn't WANT to," David explained. "I merely want you to
understand that I want to turn you into a spoiled little rich kid! I want the best
education, the best home, the best clothes, EVERYTHING! And I want you
to understand right up front, it is NOT conditional on us having sex! If you're
gonna be my son, then I have certain obligations. And the biggest of those is
to be your dad, to be there for thumbnails preteen girls you, without question. The sex is incredible!
But you're only fourteen, Adam. You might see some kid at school, some
girl, some boy... that's as it should be, Adam. I won't lie and say I won't be
disappointed, but that's the sexy preteen kiss
risk I take wild preteen pussies by making you my lover. So, you need
to understand, even if that happens...""Never, David!" Adam replied vehemently. "I love preteens little nymphets you, man!"
"Never say never," David answered. "You're only fourteen. You could
change your mind tomorrow. That's what teenagers do. But we can only go
forward in our relationship if we both understand that you are NOT
committed to me as a lover! Your only commitment to me is to practice safe
sex, both for my benefit and for yours. If you find someone else, I'll deal with
it. But... you do understand that preteen bbs child what we've been doing, folks just don't do
without protection, right? That the only reason..."
"I know, David. We're both virgins, right? Or at least we were."
"I figured you probably understood. If you want to get involved with
someone else, that's ok. I'll still be your father, you'll still be my son. But at
that point, the rules all change, right?
"Right. But... there's something I don't understand."
"And that is?"
"A couple things. You haven't told my anything at all about your family, and
I still don't know how you angel modeling preteen got all that money. You didn't rob a bank or
something, did you?""No," David laughed, "I didn't rob a bank. Sometimes I think what I did
should be illegal, but it's not. When I first graduated I went to work for IBM.
Not long after, I got my own computer and a modem, then got on the Internet.
The Internet was a lot more primitive then, and not everybody was connected.
Well, it only took two months for some dick head to hack my computer! I
knew because I started getting preteen bbs child all sorts of phone calls, mail, all sorts of
things! So I wrote a program to monitor all the traffic coming and going while
I was online. It was kinda simple really, but at that time no one had ever done
it before, at least pedoland preteen boys the way I did it. I tried to give it to IBM, because I had
signed a contract that sexy preteen pictues everything I wrote was their property, even if I did it on
my own time. Well, they didn't want it. That's when Arnie suggested I get a
"You mean... Arnie... uhhh..."
"Yes, Arnie McDougal. He worked for Ibm too. We shared an office when I
first started."David nonude picks preteen
explained how they had hired Ben Radcliff to get clearance from IBM
to market their program, the program that IBM didn't want. IBM had been
reluctant to sign anything, but Ben had made some threats and eventually
convinced IBM to release all rights to the program. And that's when David's
life had taken a distinct turn for the better. He had sold the program, actually
the concept, for fifteen million dollars. He had then taken two million to buy
his house and vehicles, clothes, furniture; invested another million as a
retirement fund. He had given two million to the only person on the planet he
could call friend: Arnie McDougall. The remaining ten million, every penny
of it and as preteen with diildo much more as he could borrow, had been used to start PowerNet.
The rest, he told an astonished Adam, was history."But, what about gay preteen websites
your family?" Adam wanted to know.
"They don't know anything about it," David answered. "I kinda left home to
join the Air Force, and I pretty well left for good. It's kinda hard to explain,
but we just never clicked, my family and me. I never had the feeling anyone
cared that much about me, and every time I went home they were almost
disappointed. It was almost like they always had something else to do, so
why couldn't I just stay away and live my life, and let them live theirs? So
that's what I did."
"So... they don't even know you're a millionaire?"
"Nope. They'd only want their share. As far as I'm concerned, they've
already got their share."
"You must really hate them."
"Not really. In a way I guess I wish I did hate them. At least it would be some
sort of feeling. But I really don't feel anything at all for them. I suspect it's
much like kids like you feel about many of their foster homes. It's your home
while you're there, but once you're gone, it's just part of your history."David didn't go directly home after they'd left Arnie and his family. Adam
was again playing with the stereo in the truck, and David was thoroughly
enjoying watching him as he investigated every aspect of the system. And
that's when they both discovered something new about each other, and about
themselves."You've got some really neat music here," Adam observed as a new song
began to play.
"I like some of those songs," David answered. "Sometimes I like to sing
along, and sometimes, like now, I like to change the words to match the
situation I'm in."
"What do you mean?" Adam asked, intrigued.
"Well," David answered somewhat self-consciously, "I'll show you. Start
that song again and I'll sing along, with my own words." Adam restarted the
song. He turned the volume down so he could hear David singing. David was
lost in his own thoughts now, his own emotions. He started to sing.I like blue eyes, his are brown
Not like the person of my dreams
And his hair's a little longer than I'd planned
Five foot one isn't tall
He's not the girl I'd pictured at all
In those paint by number fantasies I've hadSo it took me by complete surprise
When my heart got lost in those deep brown eyes
He's not at all what I was looking for...
He's more!No it wasn't at first sight,
But the moment I looked twice
I saw the person I was born to love
His laughter fills my soul
And when I hold him I don't want to let go
When it comes to him, I can't get enoughSo it took me by complete surprise
When my heart got lost in those deep brown eyes
He's not at all what I was looking for...
He's more!More than I dreamed of, more than any man deserves
I couldn't ask for more than a love like his
So it took me by complete surprise
When my heart got lost in those deep brown eyes
He's not at all what I was looking for...
He's more!Adam had tears in his eyes, and so did David. "Anyone ever tell you you're a
good singer?" Adam said softly.
"Not really," David answered. "I'm just kinda in love I guess."
"I can tell," Adam said. Then another song on the CD started. "Oh man,"
David said with a grin, "this is pre teen gallories one of my favorites! This one I love to sing
along with, just because!"The song started. David started singing, grinning from ear to ear. Adam had
never heard it before, so he sat and listened. The lyrics went on about "You
don't have to call me darlin', darlin'..." and on and on. Adam didn't say it,
but he was thinking, what's the big deal? Just another country song, with
twanging guitars, nasal voice. David sang the forum nn preteen
whole thing at the top of his
voice, and then the speaking part, which David recited for Adam's benefit
along with the record:"A friend of mine named Steve Goodman wrote that song, and manga preteens he told me it
was the perfect country and western song. I wrote him back a letter and told
him it was NOT the perfect country and western song because he hadn't said
anything at all about Momma, or trains, or trucks, or prison, or gettin' drunk."Well, he sat down and wrote another verse to the song, and he sent it to me.
After reading it I realized that my friend had written the perfect country and
western song, and I felt obliged to include it on this album. The last verse
goes like this here:"David started singing again, even louder.I was drunk... the day my mom... got out of prison
An' I went... to pick her up... in the rain
But before I could get to the station in a pickup truck...
She got runned over by a damned old train!
And I'll hang around as long as you will let me
And I never minded standin' in the rain!Adam was laughing hysterically. Damn, David," he gasped, "That's so funny!
Play it again!"
"You've got the control," David said. "I thought you'd like it."They played the song again, this time with David and Adam both singing,
laughing. "I love it!" Adam screamed.
"I love YOU!" David screamed back. Then the next song on the CD started,
and David started singing with it.You are so beautiful.... to me
You are so beautiful.... to me, can't you see
Everything I hoped for.... you're everything I need
You are so beautiful.... to me
You are so beautiful... to me
you are so beautiful.... to me, can't you see
You're everything I hoped for, everything I need...
You are so beautiful.... to me.David had pulled the truck to the side of the road and stopped again. He
couldn't see to drive. He had recorded this song on the CD, he had no idea
why. Now he knew. Adam sat silently as David's voice mingled with Joe
Cocker's. Then the song was over and before either could respond, the next
song started. As Kenny Rogers came through the speakers, David sang along.All my life was a paper, once plain, pure and white
Till you moved with your pen, changing moods now and then
Till the balance was right
Then you model preteens legal added some music, every note was in place
And anybody could see all the changes in me, by the look on sexy preteen kiss my faceAnd youuuuu decorated my life,
Created a world... where dreams are a part
And youuuuu decorated my life
By painting your love all over my heart
You decorated my life.Like a rhyme with no reason, and an unfinished song
There was no harmony, life meant nothing to me
Until you came along.
And you brought out the colors
What a gentle surprise
Now I'm able to see all the things life can be
Shining soft in your eyesAnd youuuuu decorated my life
Created a world where dreams are a part
And youuuuu decorated my life
By painting your love all over my heart
You decorated my life."David..." Adam said tentatively, "That CD... You made that, right?"
"Yes," David answered. "I'm not sure why, but... well, those songs just
seemed special to me. They are preteen first undressing special, Adam, but... well, I didn't know why
when I made the CD. I do now, but... well, I didn't know you when I made
that CD. It was just a bunch of songs that I like. Now, I can see your face in
every one of those songs. Adam... I..."
"I know, David. Let's go home, please? I want you to make love to me."David didn't answer. They drove in silence back to the big house. David
drove carefully into the garage, then hit the remote to close the door behind
them. "Stay there," he whispered hoarsely as he got out of the truck.Adam gallery preteen boys
watched as David got out of the preteen first undressing truck, walked around in front of it and
opened the passenger door. When David outstretched his arms, Adam fell
into them like a limp, helpless child. Those arms felt so strong! Adam had
never felt so safe, so loved! "Are... are we gonna have a swim tonight?"
Adam asked as he was carried into the house.
"Later if you want," David answered. "Right now we have more important
things to do. I want to make love to you."
"But... I've been in these clothes all day," Adam protested.
"Uh-huh," David replied as he deposited his load on his bed. "Don't move,
gorgeous! Not a muscle! Just let me... let me try to make you feel good, ok?"Adam was relieved to receive that order. He was feeling so... so completely
helpless, so relaxed, it took no effort to lie still. russian preteen underage He closed his eyes as he felt
David fumble with the laces on his sneakers, then pull them off one by one.
The socks were peeled off. It happened so gently, Adam wasn't even sure his
feet were bare until he felt the warmth of David's mouth as he sucked on his
toes, one at a time, then ran his tongue between them. Adam shuddered with
delight.He felt his belt being undone, the button of his pants being undone, his fly
descending. He raised his bottom to allow the pants to be pulled off. David's
hand on his groin pushed him back down to the bed. "Uh-uhhh," David
scolded, "not a muscle, remember?"David's left hand slid inside Adam's pants but outside his boxers, under his
buttocks. He lifted gently, then slid the pants down, leaving the much too
large boxers in place. First the left leg, then the right, and the pants were
gone. "Beautiful!" David whispered. There was a tent forming in the front of
those voluminous Bugle Boy boxers. David grasped the tent with his teeth
and bit gently, then blew his hot breath on it, then released it. Adam moaned.
"Where did you learn..." Adam gasped.
"Years of fantasy," David whispered as he began unbuttoning Adam's shirt.
"Just all sorts of things that I've thought I'd like to have somebody do to me.
You like?"
"Oh man, David, you have no preteens from ukraine idea!"Adam would have said more, but David's lips had completely covered his. It
couldn't be called a kiss, exactly.... he just held his lips on Adam's for a brief
moment, slithered his tongue across them, and then lifted them, kissed the
very end of Adam's nose. Shirt unbuttoned now, he slid one hand behind
Adam's neck and lifted, then eased the arms out of the shirt, one by one. Both
hands grasped the tail of the T-shirt, and it was peeled up and over the head,
and it too was gone.Adam felt a hand sliding up each leg, up the legs of his (David's borrowed)
boxers, until they met on each side of forum nn preteen his perfectly erect organ. The hands
grasped it between them, then released it and massaged his testicles gently.
Then the hands were withdrawn and reapplied to either side of his rib cage as
he felt those lips... those velvety soft, warm, moist lips, as they caressed his
right nipple. They closed on it, sucked it in slightly, then that incredible
tongue wiped across it. Adam shuddered again, moaning loudly. "Ohhhh
man! David, I don't know how much longer..."
"Hold it, baby," David whispered as he released the nipple and prepared to
attack the other one. "I don't want to waste a single drop of your incredible
nectar. I'll come for it!"He unsnapped the safety pin that held the tuck in the waistband of the boxers.
He removed the pin and put it on the bedside table. He took one leg of the
boxers in each hand, and gently pulled them down and off. As he dropped
them on the floor, Adam heard him mutter, almost to himself, "God, you're
beautiful!"Adam had no idea when it had happened or how, but as he felt David climb
on the bed and straddle him on his hands and knees, he realized that David
too was naked. David lowered himself; slowly, gently, until his full weight
was on Adam. Adam could feel David's erection pushing its way between his
legs. He could feel David's hot breath. David placed both his hands under
Adam's head and raised it slightly. Their lips met. The kiss was long and
tender. David broke the kiss slowly by lowering Adam's head again."I'm gonna make you cum now..." he whispered into Adam's left ear.
He flicked the ear with his tongue, then withdrew it.
"You're gonna cum so hard..." he whispered in the right ear.
He sucked on the right ear lobe, then ran his tongue across Adam's throat,
from right ear to left. He sucked briefly on what would be his Adam's Apple,
if he ever grew one.
"You're gonna think you've been sucked inside out!" he whispered in the left
ear. Adam was completely paralyzed. preteen bbs child
He could no longer feel David's weight
on him, only the erotic sensation of closeness; the intense heat of David's
body. He couldn't believe he had a man lying on top of him; a man who
weighed at least half again as much as he did, and it school preteen galleries wasn't the least
uncomfortable. On the contrary, he didn't want David to ever get off him!"I love you, Adam," David said gently as he lifted his weight and slid down
Adam's body and knelt between his legs. "Don't be in a hurry, handsome.
Just let it cum when it's ready."He sucked on the inside of Adam's left leg; then the right. David could not
believe how soft and velvety the skin felt. He nuzzled between the legs until
he felt the hairless scrotum. It was like pure silk! First one testicle, then the
other disappeared into David's anxious mouth. He rolled them around,
caressed them with his tongue, sucked on them slightly. Adam was moaning
loudly. "Ohhhhh David!" he gurgled. "Oohhhhhhh Maaaaaannnnnnn!"When David reached his objective, he took just the tip pedoland preteen boys
in his mouth. He
grasped it firmly with his lips, then with his lips pushed the foreskin back
until the head was completely exposed inside his mouth. His tongue had a
mind of its own now. It circled the head once, twice; it reversed direction and
circled it again. Lips still gripping the shaft tightly, David pulled the foreskin
back to cover the head, tongue and all. The tongue continued to circle the
head, every so often stopping to attempt to enter through sex nonnude preteens the slit in the end.Adam wanted to cum so badly, but he didn't. He wanted, urgently needed
relief, but he didn't want this scene to end. He wanted this to go on forever,
but he knew that once he started to erupt, it would be over.Finally he felt David begin to suck harder as preteen topless photography that tongue again probed the
opening in the end. It was too much. With one huge tremor, Adam exhaled
loudly, and he was gushing his load: volley after volley, until David had to
swallow or risk losing some of the precious fluid. They lay still, Adam rapidly
wilting inside David's mouth. "I love you, David," Adam said breathlessly. "I
need to kiss ya, man!"
"In a minute," David replied as he reluctantly released a very spent, small,
soft piece of flesh from his mouth. "Right now I can't move. I gotta come
down a little or I'm gonna shoot!"Adam didn't answer, at least with words. He rose on his elbows, then pushed
David down on his back, lying cross-wise on the bed. He quickly grasped the
loaded weapon that was David's sex and began manipulating it with his lips,
his tongue, even his teeth, as David had done to him. In no more than three
minutes, David's body was trembling violently, his hips bucking, as he began
emptying his huge load into preteen bbs child
Adam's eager mouth. He grasped the back of
Adam's head and pushed it down further, then pulled it back before Adam
choked. Adam sucked and swallowed urgently so as not to lose a single drop.They lay together, arms wrapped around each other tightly, noses almost
touching. They preteens from ukraine kissed, and then again. Each could smell and taste his own
orgasm in the breath, in the mouth, of the other. Each marveled at how their
seminal fluids were the same, yet somehow different; distinctive in a way
they couldn't define. Each felt the other's sex grow again: David's slipped
between Adam's smooth legs and nestled there; Adam's appeared to be
trying to make a new hole in David's stomach."Feels like you're gettin' ready to go again," David said dreamily.
"Part of me is," Adam agreed. "The rest of me isn't gonna move for at least
thirty days."
"That's too bad. I guess that means you're gonna miss the ski trip."
"Ski trip? What ski trip?"
"We're all going to West Virginia skiing early Tuesday morning. I was kinda
hoping you'd want to go."
"But... I've never been on skis in my life! An' I dunno if preteen bbs child you can take me out
of the state legally."
"By then I'll be forum nn preteen your legal guardian. You wait'll you see Ben at work. He'll
have Social Services begging me to take you off their hands! But if you're
gonna stay here..."
"You're really serious about adopting me, aren't you?" Adam's eyes were
wide open now, displaying a combination of surprise and wonder, perhaps
even a little doubt.
"Serious as a heart attack! Are you saying that you're not?"
"NO!!! I just... it's just..." Now the eyes were getting misty again. "It's just...
like a dream! I mean... I just can't believe..."
"Believe it, Adam! If you don't want this, now's the time to say so.
Otherwise we're both gonna have a lot of explaining to do to a lot of people."
"I want it, David. God, I never wanted anything more in my life!"
"Cool! It's gonna happen, buddy! Now if I could just talk you into going
skiing...""Who all's going?" Adam asked.
"Arnie and Val and the kids, and you and I, if you want to. We're gonna be
gone till Thursday night, if the skiing is good. So I guess I'll have to scratch
around tomorrow and stock up on frozen pizza so you'll have enough to eat
while we're gone. You sure you won't be lonely?"
"Maybe... maybe I'll find the energy to get up by then. You goin' swimming
"Nahhh... I'm much too comfortable. Besides, I'm curious to see how long
that thing of yours is gonna keep trying to poke a hole in my tummy."
"Prob'ly about the same amount pedoland preteen boys of time yours is gonna keep wigglin'
between my legs, tryin' to get me goin' again."
"It's working, isn't it?"
"Kiss me, Indian boy!"
"I love you, old man!"Saturday morning, December 26. Adam awoke at 6 AM as usual, and found
himself alone in bed. He yawned and stretched lazily. He was so content, so
warm, so at home! He knew David would be in the pool, and he wanted to
join him; but that meant getting out of bed, and that wasn't going to be easy.Adam remembered as he stumbled to the toilet, still naked, that David had
told him he was going to have to go in to work today. He had given the entire
staff the whole school preteen galleries
weekend off, he'd said to an astonished Adam, so they could
have the time with their families. That left the Help Desk unattended, and
with probably hundreds of new Christmas computers, all wanting to get
connected, someone would have to answer all those calls. "But," Adam had
protested, "you're the owner, David! The whole company has the weekend
off except the owner? Seems kinda backwards."
"Not really," David explained. "We've got a great staff, and the reason is,
Arnie and I take our turns at the shit jobs. They all know that and they
appreciate it. This year it was our turn to work over the holidays. But pre teen gallories
fine, they will all be back on Monday, then Arnie and I get to take the week
off."Toilet functions finished, Adam ran down the stairs, still naked. He ran
through the house and out the back, and jumped in the pool. It felt incredible,
hopping out of bed and into a pool! This gallery preteen boys was totally living!David had been swimming away from him and hadn't seen him come in, but
when Adam hit the water he turned and swam to him, embraced him warmly.
"Morning, good looking," he said. "I thought you were gonna sleep all day."
"I might," Adam said in a fake pout. "After what you sexy preteen pictues did to me last night, I
kinda need the extra sleep."
"You can sleep at the office," David answered. "If I know Arnie, he and the
kids will already be there when we get there, and he'll have Ben on his way."
"What's all that got to do with me?" Adam asked.
"Ben's gonna interview you... or perhaps a better way of asian preteens naked saying it is, he's
gonna tear you apart! He's pretty protective, the way lawyers should be in my
opinion, and like Arnie said yesterday, Ben will be wanting to make sure
you're for real."
"Like I said yesterday, bring him on! Now, are we gonna swim, or stand here
and talk?"
"Well, I dunno about my wimpy Indian friend, but I've already been
swimming for an hour."
"Then let's do it, man!" * * *I sincerely hope you enjoy my writing efforts. If you do, or for that matter if
you don't, I would appreciate if you would write to me. My email address is
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You can maintain your blog by logging in to your Bravenet account. Once you are logged in you can customize the layout, colors, and features. In addition, you can add your own links, edit your profile, add your friends, and change many other options to personalize your blog.

Once you begin using your blog, you can view statistics in your members area to see how many people are reading your blog as well as where they come from.

We hope you enjoy your Blog. Be sure to tell all your friends about this great new service from Bravenet!
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